And Now For Something That Actually Matters (to me, anyway)

Man, I have been stupid busy. January whipped by.

I lost 13 pounds in January, and I would love to keep going. The last week I’ve been stuck in a uterine holding mode, the scale not moving, and I’m okay with that. Eating paleo has awakened my mind and heart and I feel amazing, although it’s definitely a learning curve. If the weight takes time to come off, so be it.  p.s. Stupid uterus. At least it’s not a 5 pound monthly gain. That didn’t happen last time either. Paleo kicks PMS ass.

School is going really well. The course load this semester is lighter, and so a bunch of girls & I have been taking that extra time to the gym. There’s zero drama, unlike last year. My back was pretty sore from a pretty sharp knife near the end of the year, but even that is so unimportant now. Amazing how time changes perspective, and how little petty things matter when you get to be of a certain maturity.  It’s also pretty amazing how easy it is to walk away from people who treat you badly. I have done that more than once in 2012 and been much happier for it.

We put in our first, second, and third choices for where we want to do our consolidation. I had such a tough time with it, what with NP being the end goal. I wanted to make the right choices in terms of department AND city. Lucky for me, I get quite a choice and I think *fingers crossed* that I will get my first choice.  It’s more important to me to get the city than the department, so that I hopefully work in the same facility after consolidation.

Now I wait.

I think this is the hardest part.