NaNoBloMo or Whatever

Shireen inspired me to participate in that blogging thingy whereby you write every day in November.

I have A LOT to say. I just don’t always have time to say it.

This past week has been absolutely brutal and I feel pretty destroyed. First, my 13 year old had knee surgery and stayed in hospital exactly 10 hours after his surgery before they booted him out. I felt it was a whole lot too early for a kid in so much pain. They gave him Percocet and stool softener and let me nurse him for the last week. I had clinical days today and yesterday so we arranged for The Teen to go to family, but my 8 year old came down with a 3 day fever that we’re still trying to get under control, so I haven’t been to school all week.

For those of you who have been to nursing/medical school, you know what that means. I’m panicking at the thought of facing my teachers tomorrow. I am worried about missing so much, but they do know what kind of student I am, so hopefully my reputation will save my butt.

I haven’t run since two Tuesdays ago and I NEED to run. Usually I go when my 8 year old is at basketball but between surgery and his illness I haven’t been. I feel like absolute poop.

This weekend/next week is all about hiring someone to be our nanny/housekeeper. We can’t afford it, but we have to make it work because I just can’t do everything by myself. Daren is a week away from the biggest promotion of his life and he’s been working out of town for months trying to make it happen. So yeah. It’s been pretty hard, even the day-to-day crap before The Teen broke his leg. I’ve been go-go-go since school started and I’m barely keeping my head above water.  I’ve had some very dark days where I know the best medicine for me is to run, or go to bed early (most days I go right when the kids go to bed).

So yeah. There’s day one done. I gotta go make dinner and do 814,873 hours of homework.