Cash Back On All Kinds Of Shopping….I love this!

Remember when I told you about The Teenager getting his back-to-school clothes for free, plus we earned cash back on those purchases, through Ebates?

Well I did. Keep up!

Those clothes arrived, and they’ve been worn and washed a lot already, and my apologies to Ebates because I’ve been a busy nursing student, and then The Teenager broke his leg, and then he needed surgery, and today I finally could some relief because Daren’s family took him for a couple of days so I could go to clinical, but then The Little Kid has laryngitis and a sore throat and a headache, and oh my goodness universe: UNCLE.


Ebates was sweet enough to give me a break, when the universe didn’t, and they have been patiently waiting for this blog post so I could follow up about the clothes that The Teenager got.

First of all, aside from the money savings and cash back, I am SO pleased with the quality of the stuff we ordered. We shopped through Ebates at American Eagle and Threadless, and if you know my kid, you know he is all about jeans and smart-ass t-shirts.

He also wouldn’t get up for a picture. And this was before he broke his leg. Lazy Teenager is Lazy. He also doesn’t always get his allowance because of that fact. Of course, now that he has a post-surgical knee, he can barely walk and I’m saving $20 a week….doing his chores for him. Hence the fact I’m looking for a babysitter/housekeeper, because dudes, being a nursing student is hard enough, but raising two boys, especially one with mobility issues, plus running a household? Insanity. There’s a reason I go to bed right after my kids do.

Anyway. I whine a lot about that on Twitter, so you probably know these things already. Back to the clothes.

The other post has pictures of all his hilarious t-shirts – my favorite is the Senor Graduation one.

So for $200 worth of clothes, I earned back 1% on American Eagle stuff, and 5% on Threadless stuff. Which reminds me, Christmas is coming and I know exactly where I’m shopping to save even more money: Ebates!

Disclaimer: Ebates gave me $200 to spend at any retailer on their site. My opinions are my own, and I truly will be shopping through Ebates for Christmas because I found it so easy!