So Good

Today was SO good. It started off kinda rocky because I sent the Teen out to his bus stop & he came back before it was scheduled to arrive. My fault – I mixed up the time by 20 minutes. I drove him to school, which resulted in a massive meltdown by the 8 year old. Like, epic meltdown.

Some days 8′s anxiety and mine are in line and it’s kinda brutal. I tried to keep my cool, but he just can be so negative. Not my proudest moment this morning.

On the way home from the high school, 8 & I talked about positive thinking and we ended up laughing. So I’m glad we turned things around, but boy, I didn’t want that for his first day back to school.

Once the kids were taken care of, I had a wee cry in the car, thinking about how big they’re getting. I didn’t have much time to wallow cuz I had to speak to other people’s college babies – the pre-health class. Little did I know that a) it was 8000 degrees in the school, and b) my talk was a part of a section called “successful former students.”

Wow. I was treated like a celebrity up there. The students looked super nervous and I had them laughing within a minute so I think it was a success.

Once that was done, my school BFF & I went for sushi. Our official first day is tomorrow. We have to wear scrubs & we’ll be learning IM & subcutaneous injections, & IV therapy. Nothing like jumping right back in! I’m stoked.

Both boys had fabulous days & they’re thrilled with their teachers.

Me? Well take a look at what I texted Daren this morning:

It’s been several hours since that exchange. I’m over that feeling now!

Wish me luck tomorrow!! Woot!!