Cash Back on Back-to-School Clothes for The Teenager? YES PLEASE.

Cash Back on Back-to-School Clothes for The Teenager? YES PLEASE.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine keep growing and growing. It’s ridiculous. The more they grow, the more they eat, and I can’t keep deli meat and pickles in the house for very long.

(Which is why we made 48 large jars of pickles this year, thank you very much. I hate pickles. But my kids LOVE them.)

Anyway, as you can well imagine, outfitting a teenager every year can be a bit of a drain on the ol’ wallet.  So when ebates approached me and said, “Hey, we met you at BlogHer, wanna try shopping with us, using our wallet?” 

You know my answer.

Ebates is a shopping rebates service in the U.S., that recently became available to Canadians. When Ebates asked me to try them out, they offered me some money to shop at any online store on their Canadian list (there are SO MANY!), so because The Teenager grew 10 feet over the summer, I decided that he could do the shopping and this is what he picked:



And because high school means smarty-patarty t-shirts, both of us were thrilled to see Threadless on the list at Ebates:


The Teenager also snagged himself more socks than any human really needs to own, and some boxers too.

He is STOKED. He is also obsessively asking me to check the status of the shipments. Sigh. Hurry up, Canada Post.

The whole process took about half an hour, and since that’s the driving time to the nearest mall, this small-town Mama is THRILLED. I think I’ll be doing more online shopping this way from now on, because saving the gas to the nearest city + getting money back? WIN.

The even better part is that I was smart enough to find online coupon codes to reduce the prices further, AND Ebates gives me a kickback on everything I buy through them. It’s free money, guys. You know I don’t often work with companies unless I trust them, and I sure as heck won’t blog anything I don’t think is worth the time – but this? It’s free money. I can’t say no to that.

Sign up for free here. Give them a shot. I loved working with Ebates, and I’m so glad to be able to showcase them here to both my American and Canadian readers!
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


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