A Quickie, Because I’m Coming Off of Two Night Shifts, and Well, This is What You Get

I don’t really have a lot of time, as I’m packing for BlogHer, which means deciding which of my good flip-flops to bring with me.

Oh I’m poking fun a little. I’m seeing some serious freaking out about BlogHer, and it’s a little daunting how much effort some people are putting into their wardrobe, hair, makeup and one meeeeeellion shoes they are bringing.

I’m sorry, but I am not going to get all dolled up to hang out with 4500 women. I like you, I just don’t care that my hair will be up 99% of the time, because dudes, it’s HOT in NYC. I’m there to see friends, get inspired, working out with the U.S. Army (OMG OMG OMG SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS PART), and work.

Yes, work.

No, I did not have business cards printed for Karen Sugarpants. If you read this blog, that’s super duper, but I’m not out to promote it like mad.

I will actually be working for my favorite company, Genuine Health, on Healthminder Day, which is Thursday August 2. After working out with the U.S. Army, if I’m not dead from soldiers killing me, I will be handing out samples of Genuine Health products to lucky lucky people. I’m VERY excited to be working with Genuine Health, as they helped me lose a bunch of pounds 2 years ago. And while nursing school helped me gain back half of that (not all of it was brain matter, sadly), I am once again on track, working out 2+ hours a day, eating right, drinking Genuine Health Transform+, taking Fast Joint Care, and Abs, in order to reach my goal and surpass it.

Well, I have been working out for three days in a row. Ha. But I’m doing it. This was in my way but the exercise is really helping that, and I’m fighting HARD.

So if you see me schleping about in flip-flops and yoga pants on Healthminder Day, with my hair up, and my arms full of products to share with you – say hi. I don’t bite.

This is what my face looks like. At a certain angle. At other angles I have two chins. Whatever. I like this picture.

It’s BlogHer. It’s not the red carpet. It’s not the Olympics. It’s meant for people like you and me: people that share their feelings, thoughts, inspirations, and stories on the internet. Enjoy it. Enjoy each other in person. Take a bit of time for yourself when you need it. Try not to get offended if someone doesn’t know you on sight. Get a little tipsy, dance your face off, eat cake.

I hope to meet you. Hug you. Chat. Clink drinks. Dance with you. Whatever blows yer skirt up, pal.