Internet Drama: The Fakery Bakery

So this morning, I skated over to Mom 101′s blog to read her take on blogger-manufactured drama. I didn’t really have a context to go on, since I’m not really in the loop as far as who has recently been faking their own crap in order to gain attention/hits/money/fame/whatever. I quickly figured it out.

What bothers me about this SuperdramaticOMGBBQ mountain-top rescue, is that a) this isn’t the first time this blogger has written something fictional/embellished to gain attention/hits/money/fame/whatever; and b) writing your own press release about your rescue, is like a Kardashian calling the paparazzi to let them know she’s going down to the Yogen Fruz and to have their cameras at the ready. It’s like hitting “Like” on your own status. It’s high-fiving yourself after you’re taken a massive dump.

Douchebaggian behaviour, if I ever saw it.

Back in the real world, a local woman recently left her spouse, fleeing with her two toddlers, and is now living in a shelter. She left because she was afraid for her life. She left because she was in serious danger. A few years ago, one of my friends was in the same situation and you helped her, even though it was right before Christmas, and even though money was tight for many of us. By the way, my friend is doing well and her kids are thriving.

I don’t know what the future holds for this local woman, but I will tell you this: I would much rather hear her story, share her pain, and help her in any way I can, than read the writings of a man so obsessed with internet fame, he can’t see the forest for the internet traffic.

Keep it real, kids. We all can spot The Fakery Bakery in a flash.